Closer cooperation on employment and health

The Norwegian Directorate of Health and the Directorate of Labor and Welfare has pledged that they will strengthen their cooperation on solving societal challenges, and have created a strategy for joint efforts on Work and Health. The two directorates agree that they need to work even closer together to solve major challenges such as school drop-out, integration and social inequality. The goal is to get more people into work.

The new strategy is based on the understanding that, for most people, work is good for the health. The aim of the strategy is that people of working age receive appropriate, holistic and coordinated assistance to participate in the labor market. The health sector and the Labor and Welfare Service (NAV) will through closer cooperation, be better able to help the individual. It will be developed models and methods to ensure concurrency and wholeness in their services.young-791849_1920

The strategy promotes concrete proposals and recommendations on four aspects:

  1. Clearance in roles and responsibilities
  2. Strengthening the knowledge base for further development of strategies and services
  3. Establish joint working methods and frameworks for interventions
  4. Strengthening skills in the area


Source: NAV


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