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¬† Early selection in paths of education contribute to a growing gap between the world of low educated and of high educated people.). Based on these research findings the Wetenschappelijke Raad voor Regeringsbeleid (WRR) advices the political parties in the Netherlands to adjust the education policy and to aim at […]

Early selection mechanisms in Education

¬† Far too often young adults drop out of the Vet schools because after a while they do not like the chosen direction of education. A break year during which young adults are offered a wide selection of options and opportunities to ¬†familiarise themselves with different professions in the region […]

Break year

88% of all Vet students indicate that they feel themselves very safe at their Vet school. Staff of the VET schools even feel more safe, over 91 %. These are the results of the Social Safety Monitor 2014-2015 . Also unofficial absence is decreasing. These indicators are important since they […]

High percentage of Vet students and staff feel ...