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“In the search for innovative and up to date education higher professional education and vet need to be glued together with the world of business”. The Dutch CEO of Siemens, Mr Van der Touw expressed this necessity when he announced a new Award “Pro-Motor”.  This award will be given to […]

Businesses and education need each other

During the last 15 years NL has achieved a dramatic reduction in the numbers of early school leaving. In 2002 approximately 70.000 youngsters left education  without having the required minimum level of education (Startkwalificatie).  In 2014 this number has been substantially lowered to 27.000 youngsters due to two joint strategies: […]

Reduction of drop-outs

To promote better study and career guidance within initial VET  in NL a Service Centre has been opened. VET schools are able to consult this centre to help the institutes deploy LOB ( Study and career guidance support, preparing students to make the right choice of education, right choice for […]

LOB Service Centre

Many factors influence a successful school career: cognitive ones as well as factors  regarding motivation and self-confidence. Good practices in NL show that facilitation of  a good school career is also positively influenced by warm transfer from one level of education to the next level: meaning close collaboration between sending […]

Benefits of warm transfer

Compared to youngsters with European parents youngsters with another ethnic background still struggle finding an appropriate  apprentice ship opportunity or work placement. A pilot survey indicates that this sometimes this leads to unnecessary extension of their school career or even an end of their school career.  Discrimination seems highest in […]

Head gown not allowed

Dutch research shows the influence of social classes on school choice: children from lower social classes receive a lower level school, advice compared to children of higher social classes. Receiving a too low school advice contributes to a school career with less opportunities. Research outcome is a plea for independent […]

School career and social classes