Igma3 Methodology

The IGMA methodology is a holistic (re-)integration approach which focuses on client needs through coaching and guidance. The method is evidence based for target groups with more than average barriers toward becoming an active citizen (meaning in regular work, by participating in education, by getting self- employed or by being active in the voluntary sector). Holistic approach means that the method covers individual levels of interaction, organisational goals, as well as local and regional service levels by:

  • Stepwise taking into account the level of competence and self-management attained of each individual as a starting point;
  • Further development of specific coaching and guidance skills;
  • Demonstrating outcome measures and feedback to improve effectiveness of measures taken (good governance);
  • Establishing a joint focus on the client group for all organisations working with the same clients, thus contributing to mutual collaboration and fine tuning of services.

The method is introduced in the form of a tailor-made implementation program, or in a form of a general training course in which participants learn to improve their actions at all three levels of intervention: individual, organisation, local /regional.”

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