Monthly archives: March 2016

The unemployment in the last three months of 2015 declined with an average of 7.000 per month to reach a volume of 588.000 people in December 2015, which is 6.6% of the workforce. A closer look at the labour market position of younger people (youth unemployment from the age of […]

Youth unemployment in NL

Official youth unemployment figures do not tell the whole story. Ministry of Social Affairs of NL has recently calculated that a group of approximately 50.000 youngsters is inactive: they are not registered as students, they are nor registered for social benefits, nor at the labour office or anywhere else for […]

Youngsters outside the system

As part of the preparatory work on the design of the new IGMA3 curriculum in November and December 2015 Revalento has held several meetings with business representatives, employer organisations, local authorities and VET institutes throughout the Netherlands.  These sessions have also been used to promote IGMA methodology and to collect […]

Interviews started on Employer initiatives