Monthly archives: April 2016

Dutch research has indicated the institutes for adult education do not succeed in reaching the citizens with the lowest levels of education, those people who could benefit most from attaining higher levels of education. Advice of OECD is pointing at the need for development of national policy programs aiming at […]

Adult education does not reach the lowest educated

In the Netherlands a growing portion of students and their parents are not capable anymore to cover the costs for Vet education. Since the start of this school year government has reduced the funding by  €550 . Besides a general fee for Vet parents also need to cover equipment costs […]

VET costs become heavy burden for parents

In April Dutch politicians will be deciding yes or no on running promotion campaigns focusing on VET students spending more time outside the Netherlands. This group, who until recently hardly spent parts of their study time abroad, could greatly improve their labor market chances by doing so.  The European Erasmus+ […]

Vet students need to go abroad

The second transnational meeting took place in Drammen, Norway on the 4th and 5th of April 2016. The country research results that will contribute to the implementation of IO1: IGMA3 Methodology for Proffessionals and IO2: IGMA3 training curricula for stakeholders network were presented by each partner . Moreover the partnership […]

Second Meeting: Drammen-Norway 4th & 5th of April ...