Monthly archives: July 2016

  In their research Christoffels and Baaij have come to the conclusion that there is a strong relationship between low literacy and poverty. People low in literacy have on average a substantial lower income. One in five have suffered for a period for over 1 year in which their income […]

Relationship between poverty and low literacy skills

Five Dutch branch organizations (ABU, Cedris, NRTO, OVAL and have asked politicians to come up with an integral approach of the labour market. They call for concrete measures to be taken. All employees should have the same basic securities regarding professional education and life long learning, disability and pension. […]

NL plea for integral approach of labour market

  Large support between political parties in the Netherlands to develop policy regarding g the inequality of study financing. Up till today students of lower education up till EQF level 4 receive support for only 6 years whilst a student in higher professional education or university will receive support for […]

Equal school funding for everybody