Spain stakeholders’ network: coordination of services of information, guidance and job placement for young people

DOCUMENTA held a workshop to make an assessment by local stakeholders’ network about the documentnews1current situation of available services for job placement among young people in Cantabria as well as to gather all the concerns of the professionals who work in the fields of guidance and job counselling in order to determine the needs and the most appropriate training for the professional development of practitioners.

The conference took place on Friday 1st July at the Fundación Caja Cantabria facilities located in Santander. We were accompanied by a wide group of leaders from different entities that deal with job placement for young people, namely: Cáritas, Servicio de Inclusión Social del Ayuntamiento de Santander, Observatorio del SEPE, AMICA, ADL de Los Corrales de Buelna and Cruz Roja Cantabria. Al these organizations took part in the discussion and contributed to make the conference productive.

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