In Ukraine, the project partner was the Union of Youth Organizations of the Vinnytsia region. Pilot training was attended by 25 people. The training took place in face-to-face formats with the inclusion of round tables and TV resources.
First of all, implementation of this project has become a challenge for

Piloting igma3 in Ukraine

The integration of refugees can be faster and better by using employment screening during the asylum procedure. Refugees should be able to learn the Dutch language as soon as possible. At regional and local level there is insufficient cooperation and control to ensure rapid and sustainable integration of refugees. The

Dutch economic and social counsel (SER) calls for ...

Of the nearly five million inhabitants aged 16-29 in the Nordic region, a disturbingly high share “fall outside of the system”. A group of Nordic researchers have asked how we can we prevent young people from dropping out of education, struggle to enter the labor market and loose foothold? Their research

Youth and Social Exclusion in the Nordics

European countries should work towards monitoring systems for school leavers, concludes Cedefop in the first volume of its report ‘Leaving early education: putting vocational education and training centre stage’. The differences between the students who change course or start an internship and the real early school leavers. Monitoring systems are

Monitoring of (early) school leavers

Vocational and work-based training plays a crucial role in the integration of migrants into society. By following this type of training they improve their skills and career opportunities, according to a report by the Joint Research Centre with the title “educational-outcomes and immigrant background”

Role for VET suppliers in integration of migrants

Closing the majority of company schools was not a wise decision. In the battle for technical staff a company school proves to be a strong weapon. Especially industries that used to have their own company schools are now looking at IJmuiden with some envy. Tata Steel kept their Academy (which

Tata Steel, benefit from keeping its own company ...

Zadkine, one of the bigger regional institutes for vocational education in Holland, is reorganising its work based programs. The practical training will be realised in smaller, specialized schools and in close collaboration with regional businesses. Thus, the students develop the skills that business owners consider important. When companies change the

Reorganising work based learning in Rotterdam

SBB , the foundation representing vocational education and business sectors, has proposed in a letter to Minister Bussemaker (Education and science) to establish a fixed fee for companies who offer an apprenticeship. So far the fee depends on the total number of subscriptions, which creates uncertainty in the firms budgeting

Education and business sectors call for fixed subsidy ...

“All young people should have the opportunity to get their diploma, regardless of their background, home environment or disability. Schools and municipalities both have a job to offer them the support they require” says Jet Bussemaker, Dutch minister of education and science in her letter to the parliament. She therefore

Minister focuses on appropriate support for all vocational ...

Cooperation between businesses and vocational education in the region gets a boost. Jet Bussemaker, Dutch minister of education and science, provides an extra € 25 million to extend the regional investment fund for one more year, because the results are above expectations.
“There is a clear demand for this arrangement.

An additional € 25 million for regional investment ...

What has been developed so far:
Igma3 started in September 2015 and we are half-way towards its completion. During the first half of the project the partnership has progressed as planned. Specifically:

Partners have conducted a national research in order to identify and describe best practices in relation to

igma3 is progressing