User’s Experiences

In 2012 and 2013 Folkuniversitetet Lulea, Sweden, together with the Labour office piloted the IGMA methodology. The methodology was used to collectively re-design the way of cooperation between different stakeholders working with integration in Lulea by defining clear objectives and division of responsibilities. This approach allowed putting individual needs in the centre focusing on clear objectives and outcomes for the participants, mostly individuals with immigrant background.  As a result over 70 % of the participants successfully entered the labour market: participants who had been inactive before the training, with hardly having any contacts in the society, and in many cases having a history of prior bad experiences with practice/job. Another 30 % of the participants finished the program with a skills profile and an action plan, ready for further step under the assistance of the labour office. Similar activities with similar results have been run in the UK and in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands the IGMA methodology is a part of curriculum of higher vocational education for career and guidance counsellors offered by Saxion University.”