Project Objectives


Originally the IGMA methodology is based on a well-tested process approach on guidance and career counselling, which is part of the professional curriculum for career guidance counsellors offered at universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands this 4 year study program sets the entry standard for staff working in the area of career counselling but also in the settings of activation, participation / integration and the like.


This is a rather unique situation in Europe since most countries lack such a professional standard and development route. This means for most countries staff working in the area of unemployment, adult education, social integration and the like lack a development route for their profession. The IGMA3 project aims to improve the above lack of professional area.


Objectives of the IGMA3  project

  • Define at EU level the professional area in terms of professional profile.
  • Develop a professional curriculum for staff working in this area (covering the IGMA methodology as well as related themes that are important when working with low skilled unemployed).
  • Develop a supporting ICT tools to reduce workload and implement the IGMA methodology.


Stages of the project

The project started in September 2015. The first project year is used to develop and validate the professional profile, the training course and the supportive ICT tool. In the second year the training course is tested and finalized in five different EU countries: Greece, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Cyprus and  Ukraine in close collaboration with Saxion University, the Netherlands.


After finalisation  the curriculum will become part of standard training offerings of the different partners of the project.