ICT Case Management Tool

The context of staff working on (re-)integration of low skilled unemployed has been rapidly changing.  The labour market as well as the economic situation has created circumstances in which more and more attention is put on methodologies that enable staff to handle much bigger numbers of clients, and use the available means and time as effectively as possible.

At the same time also the involved stakeholders as well as their organisations are changing too, doing more work with less staff. Collaboration between organisations to save money and time becomes more and more important. This requires a lot of attention on effective communication between the different professionals /departments as well as institutes at regional and local levels.


What support does the Case Management tool provide you with?

The igma3 methodology preludes on these developments by introducing a supporting Case management tool. The tool offers applications for:

  • Managing caseloads of individual coaches; signalling attention when work is due for particular clients.
  • Giving indication on clients’ progression toward set goals; providing evidence for good governance.
  • Sharing essential information between organisations to improve collaboration and to become more effective.

Currently this tool is made available as a demo-version as a part of the igma training.

If you are interested in this instrument please contact one of the partner organisations for further information