Professional Training on IGMA

For whom?

Training in the usage of the IGMA methodology is offered to participants who are currently working with low skilled unemployed either for organisations like labour offices or the social department of a local government and the like. The training is also offered to NGO organisations which have special responsibilities in activation, coaching and guidance of low skilled toward Adult education, voluntary work or the labour market.


Structure and content

The training course takes a period of 8 months and consists of 9 sessions offering theoretical and practical introductions, tasks to be completed and supporting literature as well as practical tools. Training is closed by completing a master proof at the end of the course. In the master proof participants are required to demonstrate their new knowledge and skills, thus making a major step toward actual implementation of the methodology.

Most of the tasks are based on group work: groups contain participants of different organisations. All tasks directly link to the daily work of each one of the participants as well as to their services.


Entry requirement

Participants are required to have some work experience in the above mentioned settings, and have a diploma or relevant certificate of completed Higher Professional Education or University in Social Studies, Psychology or the like.

Interested?  Download the Participants Folder or contact one of the partner organisations for further information.