Rationale and Objectives

Rational of the project

In daily services there are many organisations involved in the process of education, counselling and employment for young people: Adult Education, VET, municipalities, PES, NGOs, etc. All these organisations use their own methods for career counselling and job placements. Since there is no coordination between them, the same guidance services are provided to one person several times or good services are offered at wrong moments. Moreover, in most of EU countries there is lack of professional standard and training for the professionals in the area of career counselling.

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igma3 Objectives

igma3 main aims are:

  • Adaptation of methodology to the needs of young adults and resources of the stakeholder networks working with this target group.
  • Enrichment of the methodology with successful job placements strategies and know-how for changing the attitudes of the employers.
  • Development of distance training course for stakeholder networks through Moodle system.
  • Professionalisation of adult education staff working with career counselling and job placement of young adults.
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Impact Envisaged

The impact of introduction of igma3 methodology in the regional stakeholder networks will lead to better opportunities for job placements of young adults based on their needs and capacities. Moreover, the cooperated efforts of stakeholder networks will result in transparency and efficiency on the system level in regards to career counselling and employment of young adults.

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