September 30ste a new job coach course will be offered by Saxion University. This training is designed for professionals who are responsible for coaching and guidance of individuals toward (new) work. Essential elements of these training consist of the three focus points of the igma methodology: the professional working […]

New job coach training at Saxion University

  In their research Christoffels and Baaij have come to the conclusion that there is a strong relationship between low literacy and poverty. People low in literacy have on average a substantial lower income. One in five have suffered for a period for over 1 year in which their income […]

Relationship between poverty and low literacy skills

Five Dutch branch organizations (ABU, Cedris, NRTO, OVAL and have asked politicians to come up with an integral approach of the labour market. They call for concrete measures to be taken. All employees should have the same basic securities regarding professional education and life long learning, disability and pension. […]

NL plea for integral approach of labour market

  Large support between political parties in the Netherlands to develop policy regarding g the inequality of study financing. Up till today students of lower education up till EQF level 4 receive support for only 6 years whilst a student in higher professional education or university will receive support for […]

Equal school funding for everybody

DOCUMENTA held a workshop to make an assessment by local stakeholders’ network about the current situation of available services for job placement among young people in Cantabria as well as to gather all the concerns of the professionals who work in the fields of guidance and job counselling in order to […]

Spain stakeholders’ network: coordination of services of information, ...

  Research of CPB has indicated that youngsters who have a back ground in youth care once they have grown up are more prone to apply for Wajong , welfare support and other care support. This means that local authorities in the Netherlands are likely to offer services and support […]

Youngsters in youth care are more prone to ...

Researcher Jeroen Lavrijsen of KU Leuven (Belgium) has investigated the different educational structures and the consequences of the existing pathways in education. His conclusion is: early selection pathways lead to poorer reading performance of children from the lower social classes, increase the risk of early school dropout, and raise barriers […]

More objections against early selection

DOCUMENTA took part in a round table targeted at guidance practitioners, social workers, technicians of organizations of the third sector and volunteers about the main objectives and innovation of the igma3 project. The aim of the session was to make to know experiences and learning related to the access to […]

Presentation of the igma3 project in the ACCESS ...

 In June the European Commission has presented the New Skills Agenda for Europe. The aim of this agenda is to address the existing skills gap and skills mismatches in Europe and thus contribute to the competitiveness of Europe in the global world economy. The agenda stresses the importance of digital […]

New Skills agenda for Europe is launched

igma3 aims at improving collaboration among different stakeholders for integration of the newly-arrived into the labour market. Folkuniversitetet has analysed collaboration of the stakeholders for labour-market integration of the newly-arrived in 8 Uppsala municipalities in terms of the existing problems and opportunities for better collaboration.  The report is available here […]

Analysis of 8 municipalities in Uppsala county

Monitoring results of the Dutch UWV has indicated that the labour market conditions for the mid qualification level (EQF 4) is very well. Over 94 of every 100 EQF 4 students has an job or has moved on to higher professional education. The health care sector  has the highest number […]

Job perspectives at EQF level 4 are very ...

  Early selection in paths of education contribute to a growing gap between the world of low educated and of high educated people.). Based on these research findings the Wetenschappelijke Raad voor Regeringsbeleid (WRR) advices the political parties in the Netherlands to adjust the education policy and to aim at […]

Early selection mechanisms in Education