Piloting igma3 in Ukraine

In Ukraine, the project partner was the Union of Youth Organizations of the Vinnytsia region. Pilot training was attended by 25 people. The training took place in face-to-face formats with the inclusion of round tables and TV resources.

First of all, implementation of this project has become a challenge for our organization, as it is the first experience of participating in a European project of such magnitude. For the project staff of our organization it was learning in action, a wonderful experience immersing in the atmosphere of European values, mutual respect and mutual assistance.

How did we overcome this challenge? We have become more enlightened both in project management and in educational skills. For example, the project coordinator Ruslana Kharkovenko was trained as a trainer of the IGMA methodology and was given the opportunity to continue training the IGMA methodology in the framework of the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration competition. A new project called “IGMA 3 – EUROPEAN METHODOLOGY FOR VINNYTSIA REGION” will be funded by the regional budget. The coach of the project, Taisiia Levchenko, after studying the methodology, introduced “Igma School» for small entrepreneurs. Expert and trainer Sergey Tatusyak continued the implementation of the methodology in the framework of the next European project of Igma-femina as project coordinator.  For systemic impacts, we see an opportunity to adapt the IGMA methodology for volunteers and social workers who work with such a category of young people as children and teens who lost their parents as a result of the war in the East of Ukraine, young people raised in foster families, family-type homes, boarding schools and homes for orphans. This proposal was made by the public organization “Peace of Your House”, whose leader was studying in a pilot group and has the opportunity to disseminate the of Igma methodology among teachers, social workers and volunteers throughout Ukraine. This extremely painful problem of Ukrainian society and the introduction of such projects will provide an opportunity to prepare for an independent real life and will make it possible to radically change the life of the new generation

The absence of a specialist eichar or career counselor or case manager in national legislation and a national occupational list. Unfortunately, in the education system in Ukraine, training in many fields still has post-Soviet demands and training approaches. We solved this problem through informational and educational activities, held round tables, television programs, seminars involving regional network stakeholders, distribution of project newspapers, flyer distribution, through social networks and student self-governance to improve the identification of employees using the IGM methodology in their work, that is, “Integration agents”. Since Ukraine is just beginning to appreciate life-long learning, we have had to break stereotypes and teach not for the sake of a diploma or certificate, but to increase the capacity of a career counselor to employ the unemployed, especially young people at high risk of social exclusion.

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